Non Qualified Applicants!

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Non Qualified Applicants!

Non Qualified Applicants!


In conjunction with Key Advantage Score, Ross Aldridge Consultants,(RAC)™,"Ross Aldridge located in Las Vegas Nevada" have designed a “Financial Approval Certificate Tutelage”,(FACT),program that targets the less that favorable under served credit client. All programs are free and upon earning your FACT degree you will be assigned an affiliate lender for your loan needs.

  • Consumer Approval Certificate Program!
  • Diploma Certificate referral for Approval
  • No cost-No classes-No salesman!
  • Approval to multiple RAC affiliates with your certificate!
  • Online Registration (Scheduled Release Summer 2014)
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    Get your business credit scores from Creditera, starting at just $29.99 – including FREE personal reports!

    The RAC alternative certificate program can help you avoid the need to keep the high-priced programs that are  promoted on the internet, television and phone books for your financial improvement! You can stop those annoying phone call, financial downfalls, approval turn downs and many more annoying stress inducing events that are in your life.

    In association with our affiliate financial partners, RAC, will be providing its clients a comprehensive online financial service program. These programs are  designed to allow our clients to take advantage of over 75 different day-to-day financial challenges that arise from past problems due to financial duress and inclement economic environments.

    These programs will be FREE with no need to have a credit card, bank account, cash, money order, western union or monetary exchange of any type. In addition, RAC uses the highest secured technologies for you identification protection and only our clients will have access to their personal class schedule diploma information.

    This web-based financial help program for consumers and commercial clients in the United States, Mexico and Canada are scheduled for release July 2013. All programs will be FREE with no credit cards or bank accounts required. These programs will offer an online interactive systems covering all areas of the day-to-day financial tools that will allow for the self-help aware clients to do it themselves without hiring or paying anything to anyone. Easy as clicking your mouse and put the money that you would have paid the sales rep in your pocket!
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